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Mighty Writers

What the org has to say: “We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on teaching kids to think clearly so they can write with clarity. With all completed work going ungraded, our organization strives to create a non-traditional classroom atmosphere where kids can express themselves through their writing.”

What we found: Mighty Writers works to be as accessible as possible by having many locations across the city. The group believes that clear thinking is a part of anti-violence work, because a clearer mind will lead to less impulsive decision-making, and that its writing exercises can give young people in Philadelphia a clearer state of mind. The MW workspaces encourage participants to use writing to navigate their feelings and express any difficulties they may be facing. Pre-pandemic, Mighty Writers hosted an anti-violence get-together, where kids got to explain their experiences with violence directly to their local politicians.

Features & Policies

  • Free of charge
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Online and virtual services due to COVID
  • Free WiFi
  • Transportation assistance provided
  • Food and drink provided
  • Staff members subject to background checks
  • Homework and college essay assistance
  • Bilingual sites located in Bella Vista and Kennett Square neighborhoods
  • For youth aged 7-17
  • SAT Prep

Languages spoken by staff

  • English
  • Español (Spanish)

Additional Locations

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