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The Elevation Project

What the organization has to say:
The Elevation Project is a community-based organization that strives to meet the needs of both at-risk and formerly incarcerated individuals by providing a variety of services in a safe and supportive environment in order to empower fresh starts and open new pathways. Our work aims to improve lives, reduce recidivism and crime, and drive systemic change. The Elevation Project focuses on providing quality programming in following areas: cognitive thinking, coping with trauma, job readiness, parenting skills, and business development.

What we found out:

The Elevation project runs three programs including The Transformative Business Center, Reentry Support Hub, and The Elevate Program. It also hosts monthly community events centered around justice-impacted families, such as record-clearing clinics and food giveaways. Their Transformative Business Center (Small Business Incubator) gives budding entrepreneurs access to workshops, traditional office equipment, and trade-specific technology. The** Reentry Support Hub** helps residents apply for benefits, create resumes, apply to jobs, and access clothes, housing, and other basic needs. Specific job training includes CPR, ServSafe, and OSHA certification. The organization’s newest initiative, the Elevate Program, works with young men to start their own T-shirt lines. Throughout the eight-week workshop, participants work with case managers and mentors to design, print, package, and market the shirts. It’s all in an effort to give those at risk of incarceration a means of supporting themselves.

Features & Policies

  • No waitlist
  • Free of charge
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Intellectual disability assistance
  • Community center
  • Trauma-informed staff members
  • Provides court-facing advocacy and reentry support
  • Provide support accessing education, employment, therapy and trauma-based services
  • Hubs in West and Southwest Philly
  • Career pathway program

Languages spoken by staff

  • English


  • Reform Alliance