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The NOMO Foundation

What the organization has to say:

“We’re a community-based organization. Our whole mission is early intervention and violence prevention. We specialize in workforce development, offering job training, job readiness, and financial literacy courses. We teach kids how to go out and get jobs and have the right attitude and work ethic to live productive lives and earn an income. We’ve started adding a mental health and social component to our program. Each youth gets a case manager, a youth coordinator, and a network of adults that are here to help guide you and want to see your success. And we use the term real models, meaning that we are people who grew up in the shoes that you’re now walking in.”

What we found:

The NOMO Foundation offers tutoring and educational resources. Volunteers, including some teachers, focus on reducing barriers students face in their home and school environments. Students are eligible for incentives like free transportation, childcare, and up to $200 a month, for personal expenses. Parents can sometimes get help paying their utilities. There are NOMO Foundation centers in North, West, and South Philadelphia. The West Philly center offers transitional housing.

NOMO has an agreement with the District Attorney’s Office that allows some juvenile offenders to participate in its youth programming, in lieu of serving time in jail. There are trauma counselors onsite to help with their rehabilitation. NOMO also offers creative healing spaces through a unique art therapy program. NOMO’s RIPS program offers restorative justice counseling and advice to youth.

Features & Policies

  • Free of charge
  • Community center
  • Accompaniment to preliminary hearings
  • For youth in middle and high school
  • Trauma-informed staff members
  • Limited academic support
  • Academic assistance
  • Provide support accessing education, employment, therapy and trauma-based services
  • Transitional housing
  • Provides court-facing advocacy and reentry support
  • Hubs in West and Southwest Philly
  • Organizes outings with the kids, including concerts, sporting events, and trips to New York
  • Has a waitlist
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Gun violence prevention

Languages spoken by staff

  • English

Additional Locations


  • DA's Office
  • Temple Hospital
  • Thomas Jefferson Hospital