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Unity in the Community

What the organization has to say: “We work with youth that are at risk of shooting a gun or had a relative that was murdered. We connect them to the trades through our carpentry academy classes. They learn how to paint, put down floors, put up walls, and more. Most of our students come from single-parent households. We give them a weekly stipend, pair them with mentors, and take them on monthly trips. We also offer free therapy sessions through the Black Brain Campaign.”

What we found:

Unity in the Community has a resource center in South Philadelphia. People can get help looking for jobs, building their resumes, conflict resolution, and other essential needs.

The organization runs the Unity in the Community Carpentry Academy, a 24-week program that teaches teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19 about the basics of carpentry twice a week. Students receive a weekly stipend of $150, meals, and construction tools. They are also assigned a mentor and can receive free therapy at the center.  After they graduate, Unity connects students with employment opportunities; the organization also provides equipment to enable them to work on freelance projects, in their homes, and throughout the community.

Features & Policies

  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Free of charge
  • Community center
  • Accompaniment to preliminary hearings
  • Mental health services
  • Food and drink provided
  • Career pathway program
  • Has paid opportunities (16+, Community Connector Program)
  • Recruiting done directly in neighborhoods
  • Free of charge programs

Languages spoken by staff

  • English