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YMCA Achievers Program

What the organization has to say:

Parents and interested family members should expect that their respective teen participants will be exposed to new concepts, ideas, and skill sets in an effort to widen their perspectives. We believe that many of our Philadelphia youth benefit from being immersed in new spaces and exposed to professionals who can provide mentorship, guidance, and support to assist youth in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and what their futures can be. We’re creating a space that feels safe, where young people feel like they are cared for, and that they matter.

What we found out:
The goal of the Achievers Program is to prepare young people to live healthier lives by helping them access opportunities in higher education or careers. They do that by partnering with colleges and employers to teach character and life skills through lessons on conflict resolution, team building, and civic engagement. Trips to college campuses paired with onsite professional guest speakers expose youth to college prep initiatives, campus clubs, and other collegiate activities. Workshops connect them with professionals who can help them financially prepare for college. A volunteerism arm requires students to engage in small acts of kindness.

Features & Policies

  • Free of charge
  • Community center
  • For youth in middle and high school
  • Career pathway program
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • No waitlist
  • Limited academic support
  • Academic assistance
  • Free of charge programs

Languages spoken by staff

  • English


  • Beyond the Bars